Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Display your Fun Jewelry - Don't hide the Pretty things!!!

I'm back :)  I have a jewelry box that my mom had bought me when I was little.  It's little girlish and old fashioned but I love it and will hopefully give it to my little girl one day.  I have been moving around because I rent and just kept all my jewelry in there so I wouldn't lose it.  The house I am currently renting has an awesome master bath with two vanities and a huge wall space in between them.  I have been thinking of ways to decorate it but haven't really gotten around to it.  I thought of an idea and kind of just ran with this one not really thinking of how it would turn out. 
Tools Needed:
Small Nails
Your own Fun Funky Jewelry

Take the nails and sparatically hammer them in to the blank wall you are decorating.  You can do this in a specific formation or one by one as you go along.  I did it one by one because I didn't have a specific way I wanted this creation to look like.  Hang your fun jewelry on the small nails so it looks like they are kind of floating on the wall.  I LOVE the finished product and it is something I can add on to when and if I get more fun jewelry.  It totally dressed up that blank wall in my bathroom.  Please disreguard my face in the mirror lol.  Happy Hammering!!! Send me pics when your finished!!!

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