Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Display your Fun Jewelry - Don't hide the Pretty things!!!

I'm back :)  I have a jewelry box that my mom had bought me when I was little.  It's little girlish and old fashioned but I love it and will hopefully give it to my little girl one day.  I have been moving around because I rent and just kept all my jewelry in there so I wouldn't lose it.  The house I am currently renting has an awesome master bath with two vanities and a huge wall space in between them.  I have been thinking of ways to decorate it but haven't really gotten around to it.  I thought of an idea and kind of just ran with this one not really thinking of how it would turn out. 
Tools Needed:
Small Nails
Your own Fun Funky Jewelry

Take the nails and sparatically hammer them in to the blank wall you are decorating.  You can do this in a specific formation or one by one as you go along.  I did it one by one because I didn't have a specific way I wanted this creation to look like.  Hang your fun jewelry on the small nails so it looks like they are kind of floating on the wall.  I LOVE the finished product and it is something I can add on to when and if I get more fun jewelry.  It totally dressed up that blank wall in my bathroom.  Please disreguard my face in the mirror lol.  Happy Hammering!!! Send me pics when your finished!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Do it Yourself - Inexpensive, Easy and FUN!!! Pictures :)

First things first!  My name is Stephanie Reed and everyone in life pretty much calls me Reed except for my wonderful fiance.  Yes, I am getting married next year on my 26th birthday, October 1, 2012.  He proposed on his 25th birthday so we decided to choose my bday as our wedding date.  I know it's a little corney but hey at least he will never forget the date!!!  Sooooo, I am bored at home and I have already done my exercise for the day which was laps in my community pool :)  Have to get in shape to fit into that wedding dress next year.  And I DO NOT want to be a fluffy bride.   Anyway what made me start this blog is because I love HGTV and Do It Yourself projects and I have been redoing my room in a vintagey antique chic theme this year.  But with modern touches of course.  I went to Ross yesterday and found this art piece that i want to hang up in my room to put my keys or purse on or anything else that needs to be hung up.  It is in the shape of a Crown and was $4.99 :) I LOVE Bargains lol AND Crowns!!!  It matches the decor of my room perfectly except the color of it now is just a little too antique looking for me.  So being crafty Miss HGTV addict, I figure we can do a quick and easy paint job to update the look for my room. 

Tools and Directions:
Crown Hook or your own piece
White Spray paint for Metals or color of choice
An old T-shirt or sheet
Outside area
Nail and Hammer

First, take the project outside when using spray paint and place the object on the sheet or whatever you are using to protect the grass or surface.  Shake spray paint well and have at it! Make sure all crevices and details are completely covered with the paint.  Use two coats as necessary so the paint is even.  Let it dry outside.  I live in Florida so because it rains everyday I had to CAREFULLY bring the wet crown inside and use my hairdryer.  Pick the placement where you want the project to go and you are done!!!  Super easy and very inexpensive. :)  Let me know how your projects go!!!